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The saliva carries the RNA & DNA in actual as well as vibrational form. We work in the vibrational area of the body, which some call the aura. From the aura we can determine the harmony or disharmony of different aspects of the person. We can then compare the vibrations of different remedies to see if they would help the body improve the vibration of that aspect of the person. We will send back a research report of what remedies tested positive for the person so he or she can make their own choice of what to do. The condition is for the person to learn from and grow with. There can be no guarantees about outcome, as we are obliged to say by current regulatory authorities.

The medical profession believes that the aura has nothing to do with the health of the body. Since we work with the aura, then we certainly could not be entering the medical model and could not be practicing medicine. We will not recommend medicines and will not replace the prescriber of medicine.

Please have the person dampen a cotton ball on their tongue in the morning and put it in a plastic bag for enclosure in an envelope. Please send a picture of the person alone (not with someone else in the picture) and their image should comprise more than 60% of the picture. The picture can be up to 5 or 10 years old and will carry the current vibrations.

There is a form to download for the following information. Describe the symptoms that are bothering them and any diagnosis that has been determined. The biggest problem we encounter is insufficient information to find the possible series of issues that cause the symptoms. It is critical to know of major past or present illnesses (including childhood), operations, organ removals and current conditions other than those already mentioned.

Please send to:

Healers Who Share
9068 C Marshal Ct,
Westminster, CO 80031

1. Saliva sample (see instructions above)
2. Photograph (see instructions above)
3. Payment of $100 – check payable to David Alan Slater
4. Complete this Form

FOR EMERGENCIES: Please mark the outside of the envelope the postman hands us with a red star so we can see it without opening the package. We are often backlogged, so enclose $150 payment to verify this is actually an acute issue and there is reason to place it ahead of all other requests. If we cannot complete it within a working week of receipt we will refund $50. Please provide a fax number or email address so we can return results swiftly.