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About Vibrational Therapy

Vibrational Therapy focuses on the vibrational area of the body, also known as the aura (human energy field). From the aura, we gain perspective the harmony or disharmony of different aspects of the person. An in-depth analysis of this perspective may allow us to gain perspective on physical conditions by looking at vibrations consistent with pathogens or genetic patters in the body.

Our Work

We use vibrational testing (also known as energy testing) of saliva to test how to improve the vibration of that aspect of the person. Certain vibrations are added to distilled water to create proprietary remedies focused on assisting with improving the vibrational aspect of the self. A research report of remedies is created for the person so that he or she can make their own choice of what to do. The condition is for the person to learn from and grow with. This is a holistic form that addresses the root cause of symptoms so that both the cause and symptom may be addressed at a vibrational level.

All analysis and integrative energy work employ a technique of spiritual philosophy focused on thought and prayer.


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