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David’s Message for 2017

Dear Healers,                                                                                                                    

As predicted last year, the theme of 2016 was change and so it will be for 2017. Across the world, nations are expressing dissatisfaction for the old ways that have not worked in politics and the economies. We expect to see more of the demand for improvement in 2017. It’s a good theme for us to take personally. Let’s not accept old aches, pains and dysfunctions. Let’s make sure we find the answers to what is crying to work better.

The German class decided to take the eye remedy discoveries of 2016 with the aim of throwing away their eye glasses. Approximately 20 have made and measured the list of remedies that would improve their eyesight. Next year in November we will review the results of the year long experiment to see the world without glasses.

With the coming changes in the world, you’ll need to have a strong heart. The remedies for congenital heart diseases are expected to substantially improve the heart function. These are conditions that were expected to transpire at birth, but didn’t fully change. We’ve lived with the incomplete changes for decades and now realize these are the issues that make people suddenly have heart issues. We now have the opportunity to help correct the dysfunction.

The rediscovery of Artery Vein Interflow in 2016 has already reversed some of the most difficult cases. It has led us to find a more effective answer for varicose veins. The Amygdala remedies of 2015 have substantially improved attitudes and self-confidence in life. As usual, there are always some people who didn’t yet get all the results they wanted. They become the learning models for the year to come.

We seem to always have a number of discoveries brewing. Some come to fruition sooner than others. We are very close to the answer for nocturia/frequent urination, but we have been here before. We are testing our newest approach for prolonged, dependable results. One man has filled in his receding hair line completely, but one result is not enough to be sure we have a dependable remedy.

Inventing an approach to find the causes and consequent solutions for health problems has been a daunting endeavor. As we enter our 22nd year, we are still steadily adding to the list of solutions. It is a privilege to join with you and share solutions as they reveal themselves.