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LEVEL I I                       TBD

LEVEL III                      TBD

LEVEL IV                       TBD

Although we teach the standard alternative approaches to infection, parasites and heavy metals, this approach will take you far beyond. We teach the use of quantum formulas in restorative and regenerative changes. Using miasmically-based formulas and quantum formulas, 21 years of results has shown that even incurable and inherited diseases can be dismissed for a lifetime. With over 4,000 remedies, the span of results surpasses most any other group of remedies, by far. Attendees are never sorry they came to the seminars.

The seminars teach where to start, how to find the issues and how to correct them completely.

The Specialized Skills Level has been folded into the HWS Dowsing DVD and is the self taught Level I (available for $29 + S&H through Healers Who Share). Level II Fundamentals are needed to understand the Level III Practitioners course. Level III and some experience are needed to understand Level IV (where we reveal the deepest and newest discoveries).

Class times are 9-11:45AM, 1:30-6. Levels II & III are in the HWS Headquarters. The Level IV seminar is at the Springhill Suites, Westminster.

The previous level is needed to understand the succeeding level.


The Healers Who Share Dowsing DVD is available for $29+S&H. Dowsing is one of the best ways to accessing remedies.


Emphasis is placed on the cause and solution of: (1) The 7 most common intestinal diseases in the world and their lifetime solution (2) the largest cause of immune loss in the world and its solution (3) the Tuberculosis Epidemic (4) emotional solutions easier than you ever imagined and (5) how these basic diseases form the base of other diseases. These subjects form the foundation of our quantum formula success.

The theory, practice, combinations and employment of miasms is interwoven into the fundamental formulas. These remedies are distinguished from others by the ability to remove chronic diseases for a lifetime without taking remedies for a lifetime. Specific protocols for many chronic diseases are included.

The use of quantum formulas for parasites, chemical pollutions, contrails, metals, bacteria, fungi and viruses will be interwoven. Teachings of Hanna Kroeger and others are intertwined throughout the course.

The aim in this basic course is how to help your own health.


            Every year the amount of material has grown. Therefore Level III is 4 days because of the volume of material to cover. In this course we emphasize how to help others.

Expanding on the basic includes how to use the remedies for specific problems and diseases, including the most serious diseases facing our society. Symptoms are translated to causes and psychological symbolism so that you work on the whole person.

Where to start with a program and how to design programs for progressive healing are essentials for helping people heal themselves. How to be a practitioner within the law is an important topic.

            How to work by mail using the saliva analysis provides many insights on how to be exact in your work. Personal interview will be used to demonstrate our approach.

When you finish, you will be able to help people with the solutions for Diabetes and a host of blood sugar problems and diseases, AIDS, Genital and Oral Herpes, Skin Diseases such as Shingles, Melanomas, Basal Cell, Squamous Cell and other forms of skin cancer, tumors in every location, Lyme and other tick diseases, allergies, Asthma, Emphysema, chemtrails, male and female problems, (including PMS), depression, Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Arthritis, Radiation, Bubonic Plague, more than 10 intestinal remedies that are impervious to supplements, Vagus nerve problems, Meningitis, Nerve Diseases, Blood and more emerging issues that often wind up on the docket as the year progresses.

            We aim to add some review of actual cases to bring the material from theory to reality.

We will also answer as many specific questions as we can include.


Each attendee will receive a CD containing all the three-course material so that you don’t have a hernia-inducing book to carry home. The changes from 2016-2017 will be incorporated in the CD material. We will also print out in compilation format the shortened version of what has been discovered in the year before the seminar.

So far we will be discussing the discoveries about the brain and its influence on emotions and proclivities. New discoveries have been found about the way our bodies use nitrogen for longevity and healing. More approaches to weight loss in addition to last year’s have been found. We will discuss the ongoing research about frequent urination/nocturia, hopefully with evidence of the tested solution. Through a discovered cell, we’ll show how to restore of the body’s absorption of amino acids. There are 4 other discoveries being tested as of December, 2016 and we often find multiple more as the new year progresses.

As usual the remedies are mostly miasmic, meaning these are deep remedies that will last you for a lifetime. Obviously we can’t tell in advance all the new remedies that will be discovered. Usually there’s more that comes after we write this description.

If you have a laptop, it would be the best year to bring it. The material covered over 529 pages last year plus another 400 pages of User Guides and tools to help you in our process of healing. The CD will allow you to peruse the material in electronic form before you print it at home.

Many in the healing field are not particularly proficient in computers. We will review simplified computer methods to make your work easier and more effective.

Level IV is Friday through Sunday. We usually build up to the most interesting discoveries by Sunday evening so we don’t advise leaving early.