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About Our Founder


After decades of immersing himself in varied and diverse modalities of healing, David founded Healers Who Share.

One of the highlights of his life included working side-by-side with the legendary Hanna Kroeger, where he learned a foundational system of analysis that is integral to the Healers Who Share process.

His gift of research and development in the budding field of quantum healing led David to create the largest vibrational remedy source in the world.

David thrived in this field, considered the place where science and spirituality meet – he opened offices in five countries, sharing his remedies and systems with practitioners and clients all over the world.

He was deeply dedicated to helping clients release the physical and emotional ailments that kept them from living full, healthy lives and always continuing to increase the understanding of vibrational remedies and outcomes.

Today, Healers Who Share continues his legacy under the stewardship of his esteemed student and colleague, Michelle Giliberto.

David had and continues to have, through his body of work, a huge impact on the lives of thousands of people around the world. We are so grateful to him for sharing his gifts and his brilliance with all of us.

“We have been given the great duty and honor of being able to reach out into the ethers for information that allows humans to take a huge leap forward in healing.” – David Alan Slater

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