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Explanation of Your Energy Field Analysis

Your body generates an electrical field, that contains vibrations which relate to the current and future health of your body. A saliva sample or picture carries these same vibrations. From these samples we assess the vibrations of the body. The Energy Field Analysis is done on the ENTIRE body, its organs and systems. Therefore, in many cases we find health issues beyond those which you described. These additional findings may be underlying causes of your described issues or may be something which may manifest into problems at a later date.

(Our research has shown that a sub clinical condition can contribute to a wide range of health issues without ever becoming a full-blown diagnosable disease itself. This is also true of inherited conditions.)

Please see the enclosed Diagram of the Energy Field Analysis Form to help you better understand your analysis.

The LEFT half of the form contains:
A. The list of the organs and systems of the body.
B. The vibrational score accessed for you in those areas.
C. Handwritten problems and additional systems. In this area, as above,
100 is ideal for organs and body systems, however 0 is ideal for problems.

For organs and body systems we read for optimum health on a scale of
1 – 100; 100 being best and 1 being lowest. If you are showing 10s and 20s, don’t be overly concerned. It simply means that your health needs work to heal or prevent some problems that you don’t want. As a rule of thumb, we often see people scoring 50s as a state of normal health by age 50 or so.

We have compared the effect of vibrational formulas on the vibrational score of your organs and systems. Legally, we are not allowed to predict the outcome of your health when you take the remedies. However, each formula in your program was compared for its vibrational harmony, which is to say, your scores improved when these remedies were applied to your issues. The formulas have been prioritized and your program divided into stages so you will be taking some remedies before taking others. We are not “prescribing” the formulas, but provide the information in your Energy Field Analysis as a means of education, should you decide to follow your enclosed program.

The LOWER RIGHT of the form contains:
D. The Stages of your program.
E. The vibrational formulas that tested favorably for your issues.
F. The sequential list number of each vibrational formula.
G. The total number of bottles needed to vibrationally clear your issues.

The UPPER RIGHT of the form contains:
H. Issues that you described.
I. The sequential list numbers of the vibrational formulas which clear those issues.
J. Issues that you did not describe.
K. The sequential list numbers of the vibrational formulas which clear those issues.
(This information is provided so you can tell which formulas address which issues.)

Your program has been designed specifically for you. For maximum effectiveness, all remedies in Stage 1 should be taken before moving on to Stage 2, etc., until the entire program is completed. (Note: Some programs may contain only 1 or 2 Stages.)

The analysis results are usually sent to your practitioner. The practitioner is familiar with our procedures and can explain what the formulas in your program are designed for. If you do not have a personal practitioner, for information about your remedies, please refer to our “User Guide” on our web site, . Please Note: We do not accept email or orders through our web site. If you still have questions, you can speak with David on WEDNESDAYS between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time at 303-428-4584.

We look forward to serving you.

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