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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do Healers Who Share Remedies Work?A: See How Our Remedies Work
Q: How do I find out what remedies I should take for my condition?A: See How To Order A Personal Analysis
Q: What is an Energy Field Analysis?A: See Energy Field Analysis Information
Q: Are the remedies safe to use?A: See The Remedies Are Safe
Q: I received my reading from you and have questions that relate to the reading.A: See An Explanation of My Energy Field Analysis
Q: Do you have a list of diseases/ disorders that you have remedies for?A: See Mini User Guides and Strategy Guides
Q: Do you have a list of all of your remedies?A: See Master User Guide
Q: How can I order Healers Who Share Remedies?A: See Our Orders Page
Q: How much do remedies cost?A: $10.00 standard US 2oz bottle; $50/mega bottle (1 mega bottle = 8 standard US bottles)
Q: What size are your remedies and how long does a bottle last?A: Our US standard bottles are 2 fluid ounces. All remedies are in structured water and contain no other substance than vibration.The suggested safe dosage is 15 drops 3x daily taken orally.At this rate a standard bottle will last approximately one month.Our mega bottles are 16 fluid ounces, the equivalent of 8 standard bottles.  Some remedies are not available in mega bottles.
Q: Can I take the remedies faster?A: Many people wish to heal faster and changes within the earth magnetic structure now make that possible. We still suggest starting at the above rate. Within 2-3 weeks many people are able to safely take 1 mega bottle capful 3x per day. (Note in other countries 1 capful can equal 100% or 200% of the American capful.) The American capful is approximately 120 drops.
Q: How do you ship remedies? What does shipping cost? How long will I have to wait for my order?A: See Shipping information, shipping costs, and delivery information
Q: I have read all of the information on your web page but would like to learn more about your methods. Do you offer seminars where I could learn more and possibly be able to help my family and friends? A: Educational seminar dates coming soon.
Q: I work as a healer and would like to incorporate your methods into my practice. Do you offer practitioner-training seminars? A: Educational seminar dates coming soon.
Q: How to I search your site for a specific remedy? A:  Head to the Remedy Search on the site where you can search using key terms to locate specific remedies. 
Q: My whole family has the same symptoms. Is there something going around? Do you have remedies for these sorts of things?A: There are remedies available for many conditions. See the Master User Guide