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(For faster results)

Our system of thoroughly healing issues and all their parts may take more remedies than other systems, but experience has shown that the results are well worth the extra effort. Yet, all of us would like to be well yesterday. Essentially, the volume of remedies is most important because it takes a volume to overcome problems that have been brewing all your life. There is a way, however, to shorten the total length of time taking the formulas in your program by increasing the volume per dosage. While it is not necessary that you take the formulas faster in order to achieve full results, using a faster method allows you to heal more quickly and get on with your life.

Here is the most effective way we have found to take HWS formulas faster without healing so fast that it is uncomfortable. No one system will fit all people, so please use this information as a guide.

•  Take the formula just as the label says, 15 drops 3x/day, for the first bottle. That means you’ll finish one bottle in 3-4 weeks.

•  Double the dosage for the second bottle. For instance, if the original dosage is 15 drops 3x/day, take 30 drops 3x/day. At double dosage, you’ll finish one bottle in 2 weeks. Or, for a “mega” bottle, take 1 capful 3x/day for the first bottle and then 2 caps 3x/day for the subsequent bottles..

A few of the remedies cannot be taken fast. Please read all labels for any special instructions before beginning. The risk of taking the remedies faster is that your body might protest with discomfort. Sometimes you can take all but one or two more swiftly, while it takes longer to work up to the greater dosage for the others. Therefore, it is best to mark on the HWS Remedy Record Chart (see the back of this instructions sheet) and also on the bottle label, just how many you have taken of each. For instance, use the Record Chart to “ / ” off as you finish or start a bottle. Then write on the bottle label, “3 of 12”, for example, so you have a cross-reference when taking bottles at different rates in the same Stage.

The basic idea is to take all the formulas in Stage 1 of a program and then go on to take all in Stage 2, etc… However, using the above system, the shift from one Stage to the next might not be so clear cut. But, that has no effect on your progress as long as you keep track of what you’ve taken. As you begin new remedies in Stages 2 and 3, ease into them using the above guide. Remedies that carry over from one Stage to another should be continued at their current dosage.

If you choose this faster method of taking the Healers Who Share Vibrational Formulas, in order to have a ONE month supply you will need:

The first month on each new formula = ONE bottle per formula

The second month = THREE bottles per formula

The third and subsequent months = FOUR bottles per formula

Order your next month’s supply when you are 10 days from finishing the last bottle of each.