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Once you receive your analysis, here are more helpful tools that you can utilize to develop the best approach for you.

How to Use This Analysis
The analysis lays out information that gives you complete choice of how to heal. You can easily choose how much to take, how fast to take the remedies and how to plan your budget. Download full How to Use This Analysis document.

How to Take HWS Remedies
These remedies are entirely designed to be your tools to help your body recover. There are no tricks or gimmicks to induce you to buy. They are designed to fit your time and financial schedule so that you can heal your way. All the remedies are designed to get in, take away the blocks and “get out”. No remedy is designed for you to take for the rest of your life. Download full How to Take HWS Remedies document.

Record Remedy Sheet
Use this simple recording document to keep track of your remedies and stages. Download full Record Remedy document.