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Dowsing with a Pendulum.

How to get started using a pendulum. How we apply this tool at Healers Who Share including what type of pendulum works best for intuitive analysis. There will be time to practice with Michelle and ask questions.

Overview – Preparing to do Medical Intuitive Analysis

Learn about the most important aspects of becoming a practitioner. This is also a great overview for anyone wanting to sharpen their intuitive skills. Michelle will walk through the process of doing an intuitive analysis.

Liver Exhaustion Disease Strategy Guide

Learn about one of the fundamentals of wellness and how to apply this strategy for a variety of conditions. Excellent strategy for facilitating detoxification.

Access Resonance Strategy Guide

Introducing the newest group of new Access Resonance waters being released in 2021. In addition to learning how to apply them, Michelle will do energy and belief work with participants.

Vagal Pathways Strategy Guide

Learn about the vagal pathways and regulating the fight/flight/freeze system. See how this foundational wellness protocol can be applied to a variety of conditions. Michelle will do energy and belief work with participants.

Webinar pricing:

$44 per class (total $220) or $199 if you buy all 5 at once. Each webinar recording is about two to three hours long. When you place your order, a HWS team member will reach out to you to confirm the webinar that you are ordering.  

New webinars will be announced throughout the year. Please sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.

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