HWS Seminar - Healers Who Share

HWS Seminar


Dates October 22nd -25th, 2020

Join us as we reveal our new, cutting edge Waters that support holding a strong resonance and building foundational wellness

• How to resource yourself and your clients in times of uncertainty
• Clearing stagnation in the body
• How to hold a stable vibration of what you want to manifest
• Gaining awareness of energetic patterns pulling in your current physical reality
• Moving through limiting beliefs
• Applying frequency waters for physical and emotional shifts

Come experience
• In-depth product training and application
• Live readings
• Insights into what we are experiencing collectively and tools to help move through it with more ease
• Live clearings and downloads
• Q&A with Michelle Giliberto

Register & Receive
• Recordings with ongoing access
• Presentation materials
• Group clearing session playback to use as needed
• Study guides/Educational material
• Master list of Healers Who Share Waters

This seminar is for those who are…
• Interested in applying frequency tools to your daily life in an easy, tangible way
• Looking to be part of a wellness community
• Desiring to manifest with ease
• Curious about medical intuition
• Interested in learning how the waters work
• Wanting to expand what they offer in their current practice
• Current practitioners wanting to stay on the cutting edge of wellness

To purchase, please email operations@healerswhoshare.com
Seminar Cost: $400


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